Out of Hours Indemnity

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An electronic out of hours indemnity permit can be issued on request subject to the following conditions. Please note that Perth Airport now has Pilot Controlled Lighting which can be used with prior permission, please contact 01738 551 631 for more details.
  1. In the event of my aircraft using Perth Airport outside the published hours of operation of the aerodrome I understand that Air Traffic Service and Rescue and Fire Fighting Services will not be available and that the aerodrome will not be operated within the provision of Article 211 of the Air Navigation Order (Licensing of Aerodromes)
  2. No claim will be made against ACS Aviation Ltd (the airfield operator) or any of their servants or agents in respect of any loss or damage to property which may be suffered during such use.
  3. Conditions for use of the airfield outside of promulgated operating hours during daylight only.
  4. Holders of valid out-of-hours permits may use the airfield outside of published hours, subject to the following conditions:
    1. The out-of-hours permit is valid for flight in daylight VMC only between official daylight and official night time as determined at the airfield.
    2. Use of the airfield during official night time, other than by Emergency Services aircraft, is strictly by PPR and is subject to the availability of suitably qualified personnel.
    3. Out of hours permission for non-based aircraft will only be granted to pilots in possession of an authorised out of hours permit.
    4. Pilots must be fully (self) briefed before operating out of hours at Perth Airport on the use and restrictions of using the runways including integration with other users.
    5. The aircraft should carry a serviceable radio. Blind transmissions should be made to Perth Tower whilst on the ground and flying in the vicinity of the airfield. Positions and intentions should be broadcast including, on each transmission in the circuit, the runway the pilot intends to use.
    6. At all times, including out of hours operations, all pilots are required have given notice of flight details, to include call sign, persons on board, departure airfield and destination, as applicable.
    7. Pilots should be aware that Emergency Services helicopters may operate at any time and may not follow normal circuit procedures.
    8. It is the pilots own responsibility to arrange for nominating a responsible person who can make enquiries or be contacted regarding the safe arrival for flights.
    9. The permit may be withdrawn if I fail to follow the published Conditions of Out of Hours use.
    10. The airfield is occasionally used by agricultural traffic to access the centre section, please always check that runway is clear before landing.
    11. Pilots should note that there may be surface contamination which could include FOD.
    12. The presence of bird activity on or adjacent to, the aerodrome can create a serious risk of birdstrike. There is no on-site staff to provide a deterrent for the bird activity outwith the published opening hours.
    13. High visibility clothing must be worn whilst on the manoeuvring area.
    14. The application fee is non-refundable.
Duration Applicable Fee
Out of Hours Indemnity for 30 days £25.85
Out of Hours Indemnity for 12 months £69.00
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