Perth Airport Fuel Prices

JetA1, Avgas 100LL and UL91

JetA1, Avgas and UL91 are available during opening hours at Perth Airport. All major credit cards accepted and payment at pump available. Fuel available out of hours on request.

Perth Airport Fuel Prices

Type (£) Price VAT
JetA1 1.10 + 5%
Avgas 100LL 1.90 + 20%
UL91 1.90 + 20%

Rates effective from 17th January 2024.
Avgas 100LL Perth Airport
UL91 Perth Airport
JetA1 Perth Airport

Aircraft landing fees are payable on arrival. Overnight parking fees are payable before departure and include outside parking, the rate for overnight parking is 50% of the landing fee per night. Click the button for the rates.

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