Perth Airport Landing Fees

Perth Airport
Landing and Parking Fees

Aircraft landing fees are payable on arrival. Overnight parking fees are payable before departure and include outside parking, the rate for overnight parking is 50% of the landing fee per night. Additional charges will apply for hangarage if available.
Aircraft Type Landing Fee
Microlight / Gyrocopter £17.80
Small Single Engine £24.84
Small Twin Engine £35.50
Medium Single Engine £35.50
Medium Twin Engine £65.00
Large Single Engine (PC12 etc) £100.60
Large Twin Engine £130.18
Helicopter Type Landing Fee
Small Piston Helicopter £24.84
Small Turbine Helicopter £35.50
Medium Turbine Helicopter £65.00
Large Turbine Helicopter £130.18

Perth Airport Approach Fees

Low approach and go-around fee is 50% of landing fee*
Touch and Go fee is 50% of landing fee*
*Must be pre-paid by phone to 01738 550 003

All landing fees are non-refundable.
Apply for permission to land at Perth Airport, Scotland (EGPT)
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