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A Brief History of Perth Airport

The Air Navigation Act of 1920 encouraged the construction of municipal airports. By 1929, four of these were in existence and by 1936, twenty seven, including Perth had been completed. In the early 1930s, Thomas Hunter, Lord Mayor of Perth mooted the idea of an aredrome at Perth, but, the idea received little support, and it was not untill 1935 when the Government announced expansion of the RAF, that the idea was resurrected by Sir John Ure Primrose.

A relatively fog – free site 400 feet above sea level was selected near Scone and ground was purchased – 170 acres of pasture from Scone Estates and 80 acres of heather and cleared woodland. Work proceeded rapidly and in six weeks fifty acres were cleared. There were many local subcontracts and approximately 300 labourers and 130 tradesmen were employed.

Flying training began from the field in January, 1936 with 33 pupils under training. In April, 1936, 40 acres were purchased from Westfield farm and 40 acres of wood and pasture from Gretna Green farm. The total area was therefore considerably greater than the original 277 acres, the “runway” lengths being 1000 and 1400 yards – “ample for the fastest modern airliners”

From the very beginning, the Aerodrome played an important part in the local economy. Eighty three people were employed and the firm of Scottish Grass Products Ltd, set up a Scheme to produce cattle feed from the compressed grass cuttings from the airfield. A direction finding tower was installed and Perth was to enjoy four daily  air services Two  to  Glasgow  and  two to Inverness.

Air  work  Services  purchased the   aerodrome  in  1950  and Developed   the   facilities as an international air training college  with  tarmac  surfaced Runways  being  developed  in 1969. Bristow Helicopters bought the bought the  property in  1990 and ran the site`s flying training  college –  the  worlds oldest.
Perth Airport, Scone
Perth Airport, Scone
Perth Airport, Scone
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